Thursday, February 1, 2018

So, I've been thinking...

I know no one actually reads this blog right now, but that's alright, at least for now. I've been thinking of doing some kind of life blog for who I am now. I miss blogging, but I don't feel much like taking my beauty blog back up. I'm more interested in talking about living on our own (me, David, and Brit), witchcraft, work, reading, tarot, and other things in my life.

I thought about making a separate blog for this, something new, but I still love the name of this blog, the reference to The Fault in Our Stars, and also how it kinda works for witchy things as well. I dunno how regular this will be, I'm not going to put any pressure on myself to do it daily or weekly or anything, but I'm going to try to do it sometimes.

I hope to post life updates, witchy things I've learned or am learning, tarot spreads, book reviews, recipes, rants, house things, etc. Basically, whatever the fuck I feel like. I guess that makes this a lifestyle blog? But it isn't going to be aesthetic. It's going to be mine, and I'm not going to worry about readership or views or courting brands to send me things to review. I did that. It's exhausting. I'm over it.

Hopefully, I can also use this as a place to post photos taken with my bigass expensive Canon DSLR, because that baby is beautiful and expensive, and I need to use him more, even if I'm not filming.

If you read all this, thanks for reading.

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