Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ambiverts... Who knew?!

Sorry I've been neglecting this blog, but honestly, it's mostly for me anyways, so I'm only a little sorry...

Also, did you know there was a setting between Introvert and Extrovert? Because I didn't...! Ambivert discribes me soooo much better than either of those ever has!

You Are 70% Ambivert
You are a full on ambivert. You probably have never felt like extrovert or introvert both describe you.
At times, you like to look inward and appreciate the quiet things in life... but you also like to get out there into the mix!

There's also a BuzzFeed article which is equal parts annoying and amusing which you can look up describing some ways to know you're actually an ambivert... but I can't find it within myself to link to BuzzFeed... so I'll let you google it if you want!

Are you also an ambivert? Did you know this was a thing? When did you hear about it? Why did no one ever tell me, not even my psychology classes?!

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