Monday, February 12, 2018

Homemade oven fries (Recipe)

So the other day I wanted fries but only had potatoes. I didn't wanna fry anything or do too much work, and these fries turned out perfectly!

It's not scientific, the numbers or amounts below are estimations or my experiences. Your results may vary. Also, feel free to play around with different oils and seasoning for different flavours.


1 medium to large potato per person/serving
A splash of vegetable oil
Salt, pepper, and other seasonings to taste


1. Pre-heat oven to 420 degrees. Wash potatoes, peel if desired (I left my skins on and really liked them that way).

2. Cut into fry-shaped rectangles. Make sure they're evenly sized, or they won't all cook the same.

3. Pile fries onto a foil-lined pan, and pour a bit of oil over top. Use less oil than you think you need, you can always add more if you need it. If you really need measures, start with a tablespoon or two. Use your hands to mix the fries so they're evenly coated in the oil. Arrange in a single layer on pan.

4. Season with a good sprinkle of salt. All other seasonings are optional, but I also used some black pepper, garlic, and dried parsley. The parsley just looks nice, to be honest, and it came with my spice rack.

5. Bake fries for about 20-30 minutes, or until they look how crispy or soft you like your fries to look.

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