Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Resolutions/Goals

Hello again! I swear I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I honestly don’t even have a good excuse for why I haven’t posted in ages… It’s not like I’ve been that busy. But anyways, I hope you had an excellent New Years, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and whatever other holidays have passed since I last posted.

Anyways, to get to the point, historically I have excluded myself from the resolution-making tradition for New Years, partly because of the possibility of making goals that I then ignore or forget about, and partly because doing just that almost seems to be the point of New Year’s resolutions. Even now you might have noticed that that is not what I have titled this post. Instead, I’m thinking of this as a list of goals for the immediate future, and the changing of the calendar year is only a convenient reason for making said list.

And now, so that I stop rambling, let’s get into my 2014 goals, starting with a very relevant one:

1) Post more often: whether to this blog, my makeup blog, or to the new YouTube channel that I’m working myself towards now that I have a new camera. I like blogging, and so I need to allocate more time for myself in which to do it, while spending less time idly redditing or marathoning movies and TV shows. Especially ones I’ve already watched once before.

2) ***Find a job: the stars are because this is probably the most important thing on this list, and would likely end up being helpful for several other of the goals I will mention. Maybe it should have been first on the list, but it seemed too perfect to not do it the way I have. Anyways, it’s been over a year since I had a job, and while I don’t miss working by any stretch of the imagination, I do miss the financial freedom that comes with a bi-weekly paycheck!

3) Graduate University: this one shouldn’t be too hard, considering I’m only 3 classes away from completion, and I’m enrolled in three classes that satisfy those requirements for the upcoming semester. All that remains is to stay focused through what is sure to be the longest and most boring semester I’ve had thus far. I haven’t had a semester off in over a year, with at least one class on the go each semester, and on top of that, all three of my classes sound incredibly boring to me. It will be quite the adventure.

4) Start saving money: this requires the job that I mentioned earlier, but my student loans are gonna suck to repay, so I’d love to have a savings piling up to pay it back as quickly as possible with as little pain to me as possible! Also, it would be nice to have a pool of money to dip into in case of emergency (whether than emergency be something legitimately bad, or a new shiny palette or bag that I just have to have).

5) Be more faithful about my workouts: I’ve been pretty bad the past year about working out, and, while I almost always go each week, I often skip at least once a week as well. (Aka, I go once a week on a good week, and not at all on a bad week. Twice a week is what I should be doing, but it’s impressive if I do it.) As you might imagine, working out for an hour a week is almost as unhelpful as not working out at all. As such, I’d like to raise that to at least twice a week, if not more. Or possibly twice a week with longer workouts?

6) Read more: as with my “Post more” goal, I also very much enjoy reading, and so you’d think I would do it a lot, but procrastination and the internet (read: Reddit) make it so that a lot of the time, I sit around mindlessly poking through pictures and tweets and videos, rather than opening up a good book and escaping into it’s fictional world.

7) Get tidy: my room is a disaster. I’d like to eventually get it (at least somewhat) organized, since the mess only spawns more mess and laziness. Maybe start with one area at a time, disposing of garbage, recyclables, and old clothes accordingly, and finding places to put the things that I use/need/want. This is probably the hardest goal on this list for me, as I have a hard time getting started. And even if I get started, once I stop for a break, the battle to get back into it is just as difficult sometimes as the original battle to start! We shall see.

8) Take better care of my skin: taking off makeup, acne treatments, moisturizing… maybe a facial or two? I’ve never taken very good care of my skin. I’m lazy, and I forget. I’m much better on nights that I’ve worn lots of makeup, especially if it’s bright or dark, since I don’t want it all over my bed. But especially because I love makeup so much, I should take care of the skin that I put that makeup on. Good skin makes makeup look that  much better. And on top of that, taking care of my skin now, and keeping it hydrated and healthy will help to slow down wrinkles and other aging-type stuff.


Eight might be a bit of an odd number to stop my list at (even though it is an even number), but that was everything I could think of, and I didn’t want to force myself out to ten, or cut my goals back to 5, since I think they are all important.

Also, even though I won’t make it its own post, one of my more overarching goals for 2014 is time management. Time management would help me find time for reading, posting, working out, and maybe even keeping tidy. Though that last one is probably more of a laziness thing than a time-management thing.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Let me know in the comments some of your goals or New Year’s resolutions if you make them. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hm, goals, I think work out more is up there for me as well, although I rather do more hikes maybe with my brother than go to the gym. We will see though. XD


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