Sunday, September 29, 2013

What I’m Watching (Early Fall 2013)

Hey there! Since I spend a lot of time watching TV shows—even if I don’t watch them on TV when they air, but rather later on my computer—I thought it would be cool to update you on the shows that I’m currently working through, some of which are new, and some that aired a while ago.

1. The Big Bang Theory

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I’m all caught up on this one, including the two new episodes that just aired this Thursday. This show sometimes gets made fun of for portraying geeks poorly, but as a fairly nerdy girl with nerdy friends, its astonishing the number of times I can see my friends in the characters in this show. And I love the geeky references. And Penny/Kaley Cuoco is so pretty! I’m definitely glad to see this show back for another season.

2. Arrow

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I’m slowly working through the first season of this one, and I’ve only seen the first three episodes. I think this show is on it’s 3rd or 4th season now? Not sure. I’m not in love with it, and I honestly started watching because John Barrowman is supposed to be in it. I’ll give it a few more episodes (or until Barrowman appears) before deciding to give it up.

3. Genei wo Kakeru Taiyo

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Yep, this one’s an anime. It’s pretty odd. It’s basically these little girls with tarot card magical powers who fight evil demon things and save people… Yeah, that’s a touch of Japanese culture for you! Anyways, the art style is really cute, the voices oddly don’t bug me as much as girl characters sometimes do in anime, and the content and concept of the show is really dark. So far, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve watched the first 5 episodes, and I think there are either 12 or 13. Not sure if there will be another season after this one.

4. Doctor Who

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I’ve already watched all the old episodes since they rebooted in 2005—twice actually, once alone and once with my little sister—but I missed the 9th Doctor—Christopher Eccleston—so I started again. I recently finished the first season, which is pretty devastating, and am working myself to move on once again. If you’ve never seen Doctor Who, you really should!

5. Agents of SHIELD

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I’m not sure I’ve even been so excited for a new show. Ever. And my god, this one did not disappoint. The first episode just aired this past Tuesday, and it was perfect! Funny, intense, dramatic, and action-filled… What’s not to love?! So excited for more superheroes and more Agent Coulson.

6. Genshiken

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Another anime? Yep. I actually started watching this show from the most recent season that’s been airing this past season with my boyfriend. However, it really grew on me, so I’ve also gone back to the beginning of the series to watch it all, and I think I’m about half-way through the first season. The old stuff is also helping me to appreciate the more recent episodes a lot more. The last episode of season three just aired, but I have yet to watch it.

And just recently finished:

1. Merlin

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I love history. I love the Middle Ages. I love Arthurian legends. I love British television and actors. I love dragons. There is nothing at all I disliked about this show. It had lots of Arthurian legend stuff—sometimes twisted or tweaked to fit the show’s purposes, but the Arthurian legends never have been stable, so who cares?—lots of magic, action, and it’s really funny. Especially the relationship between Merlin and Arthur. And Colin Morgan is just a fantastic actor.

My only problem is: where will I get my historical fiction fix now?

Returning or Beginning soon:

1. Doctor Who (again)

Still almost two months to wait for this one, and even then it’s only a special… November 23rd will be the 50th Anniversary special for Doctor Who, and I’m pretty excited, though it hasn’t been the same for me since ***Spoilers!!!*** Amy and Rory left… honestly, I mean, I was watching the first episode of the new season of Glee with my sister and the shots of Central Park alone were enough to make me sad all over again, and a shot of that bridge almost made me start crying… That episode messed me up pretty bad. ***Spoilers over***

2. Reign

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Not sure if this will be any good, since it’s going to be a CW show, but it’s basically about a young Mary Queen of Scots, so its around my favourite time period: Tudor England… Should be interesting, or at least that’s my hope. I’ll definitely be tuning in at least to give it a shot. The show premieres October 17.


Lemme know if there are any shows that you think I’d like based on the above list, as well as whatever you’re watching right now. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I will probably watch the SHIELD show as I loved Avengers and you sound super into it, same with the Reign, or at least I will give it a shot. The shows that I am watching are Hetila (as most of the episodes are on netflicks), Merlin, and I just finished As Time Goes By.


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