Sunday, June 16, 2013

Wishlist // Non-Cosmetic Edition

· Flat Sandals:

I really dislike the Gladiator sandal style, and I also hate those sandals that have a strap down the middle of the foot, but none across to keep your foot on the sole of the shoe... and those are also, coincidentally, the only types of sandals that are available in most stores, with the exception of regular flip-flops. However, what I want is something flat, strappy (but not too strappy), cute, and comfortable. Ugh!

I have found a few options, though. Including these simple brown ones from Asos:

Image from

As well as these crazy cool ones from Forever 21:

Image from

I’m leaning towards the Forever 21 ones. And yes, I count those as flat, even though they’re 4 inches off the ground at their highest point, because they have almost no difference between heel and toe height, and should be nice and comfy.

· New Shorts:

Image from

I have a couple good pairs of shorts, but only 2 that I really like on, both, of course, from American Eagle. I was really sad lately, because they were (are?) having a sale where all their shorts are $25, as opposed to the usual $40. However, most of the midi shorts, which is the length I need for my legs, either look exactly like what I already have, or only went up to a size 12 (I, unfortunately, am s size 14). There were two pairs I really liked. One was like my other pairs, but had a leather braiding detail up the side seams, and the other had studs down the fronts (pictured), but alas, these didn’t fit, so I’m still on the hunt for another pair or two.

· New Jeans:

Image from

For the same reason that I need to wear midi-length shorts, I also go through jeans faster than the average girl, and so I’m in need of a new pair or two, despite the fact that the temperature is currently rising. This isn’t hard to find, I just need to get over it and spend the money on a couple of good pairs, since my favourite jeans are all American Eagle. I have a hard time finding other brands, especially cheaper brands, that look good, fit, and aren’t exorbitantly expensive!

· Great Gatsby (the book):

Image from

Pictured is my favourite cover, but I’m much more likely to get a cheap cover, since I have a hard time spending $11 on a book I can get in a different cover for less than $3. I really loved this book when I read it, and I can’t wait to see the movie, and I would very much like to have a copy of the book for myself.

· The Beautiful and the Damned:

Image from

The book in the picture is the one I’m most likely to buy, since it has two different Fitzgerald stories in it for less than $5. Because I loved Gatsby so much, and Fitzgerald’s writing style, I would love to get this to try out some more of his stuff.

· A new tea ball and/or a takeout cup with a tea strainer right inside:

I have no idea why I’m having such a hard time finding a tea ball that is larger than the one I have at home. I even went to David’s Tea, and all the ones they had in stock didn’t close properly, so tea would have leaked out everywhere, especially a rooibos tea! Ugh…

Anyways, I would also love a travel mug with a tea infuser inside of some sort, since at the moment, I’m pretty much limited to using my loose leaf teas when I’m at home, and stuck to store bought or bagged teas when I’m out. However, I haven’t found one yet at a good price and size. Maybe soon.

· Great Gatsby tickets:

  Image from

· Star Trek: Into Darkness tickets:

Image from

Ok, not sure if the last two here count, but I really would love to see both of these movies in theatres. The only problem is that it’s hard to find a time when everyone who wants to see the movie is available... we might have to just suck it up and go at different times...

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